About Me

Experienced in fiction proofreading and trained by the Publishing Training Centre, I can assure you that my proofreading work will be of a high standard and quality.

I work with both publishing houses and independently published authors.

Reference books I use are: Oxford English Dictionary, New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, New Oxford Spelling Dictionary, New Hart’s Rules and Butcher’s Copy-editing.

Your manuscript is in safe hands and I understand the importance of confidentiality. I can assure you that your work will remain securely with me.


I am trained to work on PDF, Microsoft Word and hard copy.

If working via track changes in Word, you will be sent two copies of your manuscript/project: one with all the corrections accepted so you can see how it reads and the other with the track changes in place so you can choose which corrections you keep.

Whichever way we work together, you retain full control of your manuscript/project.

If your manuscript has not been edited, I will draw up and provide you with an editorial style sheet. This helps me with issues such as consistency while proofreading and will, hopefully, assist you with your future writing projects.


You will be given the total price for your project from the outset.

For this I will need to take into consideration whether or not your manuscript has been edited, if English is your first language, the word count and timescale. Please ensure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

I charge per 1000 words and prices vary depending on the complexity of the project. Please get in touch to discuss your project and for a free, no-obligation quote.

Worried that you can’t afford my services? Please get in touch and we can explore ways to ensure that you are able to use my proofreading service.

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