‘Pilcrow Proofreading has worked with Orenda for over a year now, first as a trainee proofreader, working alongside some of our established and experienced freelancers, and then as a proofreader in her own right. From the outset, she has had a keen eye and attention to detail, and is never afraid to query something that is unclear. She is punctual, extremely hard-working, willing to take on rush jobs at very short notice, and an all-round joy to work with. Moreover, her enthusiasm for our books and her passion for reading and helping us to produce flawless reads, is simply wonderful. I can confidently say that Pilcrow Proofreading’s work now is exemplary and I cannot recommend her highly enough.’

Karen Sullivan, Publisher, Orenda Books

‘Pilcrow Proofreading has become a valued member of Team Orenda. Starting out as an early reader and another pair of eyes looking for obvious mistakes, she has progressed to become a skilled, observant and diligent proofreader. We know we can rely on her to deliver accurate work on time – even when our deadlines are tight; we know we can trust her to find the smallest error; and we know if asked, she will give her honest opinion of our books.’     

West Camel, Editor, Orenda Books

‘Pilcrow Proofreading is a skilled proofreader who has an excellent eye for detail. I know that I can rely on her to deliver high-quality work, to deadline. However, what makes her truly stand out above the rest, is that she is smart and engages with what she is reading. This enables her to see the bigger picture and spot not just grammatical errors, but factual and continuity mistakes as well. She’s a true professional and her friendly and flexible nature make her a delight to work with.’

Elaine Ofori, Publisher, McFori Ink

‘Pilcrow Proofreading took my manuscript and completed a fantastic proofread on the book. It was fast and accurate and provided some additional questions that were extremely helpful. A great job, thank you.’

Karl Holton, Author of The Shadows Series

‘I used Pilcrow Proofreading for my latest novel and the service was fantastic. She has a phenomenal beady eye and picked up on all of the little things I’d missed, which has given my novel its final professional polish. The great thing about Pilcrow Proofreading is the love of books above and beyond proofreading. She genuinely invested in my novel, which provided a brilliant combination of a technical service and support network.’

Marliyn Bennett, Author of Reap

‘So far Pilcow Proofreading has proofread one book for me, and I was delighted with her attention to detail and clear mark-ups. She’s also very prompt and friendly in all her correspondence – I recommend her highly.’

Abbie Headon, Editor, Prelude Books and Farrago Books

Pilcrow Proofreading worked quickly and efficiently to help me get an old manuscript into shape for a new project. For technical reasons, it proved to be a challenging task, but I received a fantastic service which went above and beyond. Definitely recommend.

Nick Quantrill, Crime Fiction Author

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